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A journey in the world of raw-food
Published on May 11, 2009 By Callesen58 In Everything Else

To kick of this blog, i'm gonna introduce you to The Running Raw Project, started on the 25th of December 2005, featuring Tim Van Orden.


A lot of people will then say: But what about protein?


Something that isn't as relevant to The Running Raw Project, but still interesting in regards to raw foods.



So, what do you people think about raw food?

on May 11, 2009

Normally I refrain from commenting on "political" posts, but I just have to set the record streight on "slow food": it's bunk. The idea that if you use some sort of magic diet, your insulin dependance will go away is patently rediculous. Having had diabetes for 5 years and studied various diseases essentially since I could read, I can tell you that if you stop treating the condition, you will die. Maybe not right away, and with type-2 diabetes maybe not directly from metabolic defficiency, but the fact is, people can't survive without some form of insulin. Even with T-2, where you have access to some insulin reserves, your blood sugar will rise if you eat something and do not compensate. It may not rise enough to kill you outright, but it will stay at that level for a long time (as there's little to no insulin to knock it back down), and since you continue eating, the effect is a prolonged hyperglycemia, which will wreck your kidneys, liver, and probably brain, too. The lack of sugar/rich carbohydrates in these peoples' diets merely decelerated the process somewhat.